Queer migrants

What is it like being queer and of migrant background, living in Norway? My colleagues and I will search for answers to this question in a new research. For this purpose we will do in-dept interviews with around 20 people and hope to have as many people as possible answering a web-based survey.

  • Please respond to our web-based survey, available in English, Norwegian, Arabic and Polish: https://response.questback.com/nordlandsforskning/qyj7vtue5v
  • We also conduct interviews. Please contact Project Manager Helga Eggebø if you would like to be interviewed or have any questions. Tel.: +47 92436479, e-mail: heg@nforsk.no

We would like to talk to people who define themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender person, intersex person or queer, and who also have migrant background. In this project, migrant background is understood as 1) people who have migrated to Norway themselves and 2) people who´s parents have migrated to Norway.

Previous research indicate that queer people with migrant background more frequently experience discrimination, violence and mental illness as compared to queer people of majority background. Other studies have shown that queer people with migrant background may encounter homophobia in the migrant community and racism in the lgbt community. Some research document how queer people who flee persecution and apply for asylum in Europe, struggle to have their asylum claims accepted and frequently experience discrimination, threats and violence at asylum reception centres.

In this project, we will investigate and document experiences with discrimination, racism, homophobia and violence. But we will also inquire about community, friendship, networks and education. We will inquire about possibilities and individual resources, as well as marginalization. Importantly, we seek to include marriage migrants and labour migrants as well as refugees.

The research project is financed by The Directorate of Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) and will be run by Nordland Research Institute and KUN.

Photo: “Queer as in Fuck Your Borders”, by Chris Beckett, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


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