Winter’s (de)light

Winter has finally come, with its frozen beauty and magical light.

November and December passed without much more to offer than autumn darkness and rain. Even greater was the joy when the colorful winter landscapes finally appeared.


Minus degrees turns water into the most fabulous shapes. Wild ice roses grows on the frozen lake. Or are they butterflies with ice feather wings, brittle and beautiful in the frozen morning light?


The glass clear ice on the lake’s surface seems black, due to the dept. But closer to the shore, the rock and sand on the bottom is visible through the ice.


Minus degrees in abundance have transformed the sea shore into a pattern of broken glass. The light of dawn gives the ice a glow of clear and shining blue.


Rays of the sun that is not yet here, turns the snow on the black alpine peaks into a soft pink cover.


Winter in the arctic offers magical moments as the sun under the horizon sets. The colors of the rainbow are bleak in comparison.


The warmth of somebody else makes the frozen air feel warm and welcoming. And here comes the sun!


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