The Arctic Eden

While a million people visit the spectacular but crowded Lofoten archipelago every year, Steigen is northern Norway´s hidden garden of Eden.

Would you like to see spectacular peaks rising strait up from white beaches and crystal clear water? Or would you like to experience picturesque villages, friendly communities and fertile landscapes in the middle of the arctic wilderness?


What about see kayaking between small islands, among eagles and seagulls, landing on one of our white corral beaches? Or catching the biggest halibut you´ve ever seen? And even more exotic: down-hill skiing and northern lights. Steigen is really the place you´d like too go, both summer and winter. Do not hestitate. Explore the Arctic Eden.


For some strange reason Steigen is totally of the beaten track, even though it is closer to Bodø (major airport) than Lofoten, and equally amazing. Most Bodø people have never been here, even though it is only an hour away by catamaran.


According to National Geographic, Bodø Area is among top 20 places to visit. Steigen is the best part of Bodø Area. Having travelled quite a bit of the world myself, I will with confidence declare Steigen the most beautiful place on earth. And it is time to let the world know about it. Come and visit our great playground of the Arctic!


Getting here and away

It is not complicated at all to get here. There is just a lack of available information on “getting here and away”. Anyhow, this is how you do it: Book a flight to Bodø. Coming from abroad, you will most likely have to go through Oslo. Arriving in Bodø, you head of to the catamaran harbor (Sentrumsterminalen). It is only a 20 minutes WALK from the airport (there are of course available taxis if you prefer). Every day at 5.15 pm (3.15  and 6 pm fridays and 8.30 pm Sundays), the catamaran takes you to Steigen. There are three stops: Helnessund, Nordskot and Bogen. These are different villages in Steigen, all of them equally worth a visit.

If you go by car, you follow the E6 (main highway going north-south). Coming from south, you pass Fauske and head north for a couple of hours and then there is the sign telling you to take left for Steigen. Do it! Drive through the tunnel and there is less than an hour drive to the friendly villages.

Places to stay

Hiking and climbing

  • Nordskot has excellent quality granite perfect for rock climbing. Sport climbing routs are being developed, but there is no guide yet.
  • Hiking routes on the Norwegian web page, or you can buy the Norwegian guide book “Fotturer i Steigen, Hamarøy og Tysfjord”.

7 thoughts on “The Arctic Eden”

  1. At Skjelstad art and culture farm we will provide you a home , not just a place to sleep, culture, homemade bread, our own jam and eggs from our own hen , you may even pick them your self. We know our vikingstory our culture very well and the stay in our renoveted barn will be an experience for a lifetime. We can show you hidden miracle places without having to climb, swim, fly or be ekstreme , just calm and quiet. Visit

  2. We have been in contact about moving our family and 2 small children to Norway from WI, USA.
    Are there any jobs available? Particularly in management or the travel industry?

  3. The Arctic Eden article warms the “cockles of my heart” on an old Steigværing having moved from Engeløya in 1958 and only been back there 2 – 3 times since. Still think of myself as Steigværing after ca 45 years in Australia. Just love looking at Steigen photos and info so keep up the good works with photos etc from all those who make those Steigen fb pages a very worthwhile reading.

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